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VOD service for Digital Virgo, present in 19 countries and counting 1 billion users.

Digital Virgo


About the project

Digital Virgo Entertainment is a major digital entertainment contents and services editor located in 19 countries, with 1 billion users.

Key achievements

Providing VOD key components for VOD multi-screen offer

Multi-DRM and packaging management: Widevine, PlayReady, WAS, HSS, HLS

Customizable video player for playback across main web browsers

Delivering video content worldwide to consumers through Amazon & Level3 infrastructures

digital virgo entertainment CMS


The Digital Virgo Entertainment CMS deals with video encoding management, Widevine and PlayReady DRM integration on multi-device (Web/iOS/Android/Windows8).

Key features

Managing transcoding and packaging jobs of video files for OTT distribution (HLS / HSS / WAS)

Widevine and PlayReady content encryption

Streaming playback of encrypted content on Web / iOS / Android / Windows 8 devices

Download To Own available for iOS/Android devices

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