About the project

Disneytek is the first worldwide VOD store to provide EST VOD content on Set-Top Box, along with the option to download of a digital copy on your desktop/laptop/tablet/smartphone.

Key achievements

Turnkey solution: from content ingest to secured digital download copy Full IPTV interactive service, connected to user database and digital copies download website EST content available in SD, HD and 3D Loyalty code management for content download, goodies, etc.

disneytek VOD


Disneytek is a VOD service allowing users unlimited viewing of their favorite Disney programs on Set-Top Box as well as the option to download their movies on PC/Mac for watching on 6 different DivX certified devices.

Key features

First platform of digital Disney movies on TV Streaming enables unlimited viewing via the Set-Top Box from a personalized video library called “My Collection” – all purchased content is available even if the content is not on sale anymore Thanks to a digital copy, movies and series can also be downloaded from a computer – PC / Mac – for watching across 5 different devices

disneytek store CMS

From content catalog management to user management, the Disneytek CMS gives Disney the capabilities to fully manage their EST VOD offer.

Key features

Catalog management & publishing Different Disney wallpapers and headings available Editorial highlightings Marketing management – loyalty code management on the Set-Top Box linked to Disneystore loyalty program – Pricing and promotion management – bundles, seasonal promotions, etc.