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About the project

CanalPlay is the new subscription/transactional VOD service offering from CANAL +.
It has more than 500,000 subscribers, and 2 millions customers. It offers 10,000 programmes – including 2,000 movies and 1,200 series – and 500 regular updates every month.

Key achievements

Implementation of a brand new CMS with new powerful multiscreen tools

Complete UI/UX redesign to increase the number of subscribers

Reducing TDC – Total Delivery Cost

Empowering new features – Download To Go, recommendation engine, etc.

canalplay CMS

canalplay cms

The CanalPlay CMS manages all the entire look & feel and content offering of the front-end services. It also manages a wide range of front-end applications: IPTV, iOS / Android Apps, OTT services, hybrid satellite set-top box, website, etc.

Key features

Management of an unlimited list of pages selected from a range of templates

Image library management and multi-format generation for better display performance

Page publication management, in order to manage which page is published for which device

User-friendly CMS based on bootstrap responsive CSS

set-top box – free IPTV network 

CanalPlay on set-top box – dedicated to Freebox Revolution model – is a new user interface for fast, fluid and intuitive navigation. Thousands of movies and series are available, with more than 10,000 programmes.

Key features

Developed in QT QML – native STB OS language – for a smooth UX

SVOD & TVOD business model

Instant appropriation and personalized content recommendations with “Suggestion” feature

TMS – Template Management System – A back-office allowing the editor to manage and administrate the rendering of its application

canalplay set top box free

canalplay android

canalplay android

CanalPlay, the subscription VOD offering from CANAL +, is available on Android tablets, smartphones and phablets.

Key features

Available on Android 4.x to 5.x phones, phablets and tablets

Chromecast integration

In-app billing integration

DTG – Download To Go – for offline viewing with DRM support

Full integration of recommendation engine – user profile, suggestion, etc.

canalplay kids android 

CanalPlay Kids, the subscription VOD offering from CANAL + for children, is available on Android tablets, smartphones and phablets.

Key features

Timer – up to 2 hours – allowing parents to set a time-limited viewing

Secure area: Programmes offered by CanalPlay Kids entirely suitable for kids

Age filtering: User interface and programming tailored to children’s age – 3 age ranges –

Parental control settings allow parents to set up the interface services : timer, age filter, password, log out

canal play kids android
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