Pluzz VaD


About the project

Pluzz VaD is the transactional and EST VOD offer from France Televisions.

Key achievements

Full SaaS platform – CMS, apps, Transcoding video delivery

Complete UI/UX redesigned to encourage the consumer to watch more content

Global management of the platform : content publishing, content protection, billing, customer support, marketing tools etc.

france télévisions pluzz VaD CMS 


Pluzz VaD CMS manages all multiscreen services: Website, Telcos, iTunes, Google +, SmartTV, etc. It is user-friendly, using drag and drop functions. Catalog manages over 12,000 titles spanning new releases, blockbusters, popular TV series, documentaries and more.

Key features

Complete offer management through the CMS, from content catalog to end customer support, content rights, pricing for each device

TVOD, EST and PassVOD Business Model

Create bundle of titles, special offers, playlist, gift code…

Management of newsletters: target mailing, marketing offers

Customer care: management of features

set-top box on free IPTV network

Pluzz VaD is a new interface designed to better improve the user experience of the storefront. Thousands of movies and TV, series are available.

Key features

More than 12,000 programs

TVOD Business Model

VOD store by thematics, with fast and fluid navigation

Analytics to better know the user behaviour on the store

Multi-criteria search engine through all the catalog