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About the project

The first VOD offer in Europe that allows you to rent and download videos – movies, series, cartoons – on digital kiosks in public hotspots (airports, train stations and shopping malls).

Key achievements

  • Download video content onto a USB stick or SD memory card within 30 seconds
  • First offer with 100% pure offline consumption – no Internet access required
  • Premium content in TVOD/EST business model
  • Remote management of the digital kiosks
  • Payment with credit card
  • Large 32” screens for auto-promo and visibility

video kiosks


Movies can be purchased via the touch screen interface on CinéGV kiosks in public hotspots.

Key features

  • Delivery of protected contents on client’s USB stick via a DRM: dynamic encryption with customization for each client
  • Multi-device management: watch your content on any CinéGV compliant device – PC/Mac, Android tablets, Android smartphones –

ciné GV CMS

CinéGV CMS has all the regular VOD platform features – catalogue & rights management, customer care, marketing tools, etc. It also manages a large range of digital kiosks to create catalogues dedicated to each geographical area or kiosk.

Key features

  • Catalogue, rights, and publishing management
  • Kiosk management per item, list or region
  • Push VOD system for providing content to each kiosk
  • Full billing & analytics views, CRM & customer support platform
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